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VDAFinance Pty Ltd is committed to the efficient and fair resolution of all client complaints as and when they are received. This level of fairness in treatments applies to all involved in any complaints or dispute process.

VDAFinance has two types of dispute resolution processes for clients:

Internal Disputes Resolution Scheme:

It is important that VDAFinance and Credit Representatives provide documentation of all actions taken during the complaints handling process. Our internal complaints handling system is easy to understand and in plain English. VDAFinance will make every effort to ensure that the client has every opportunity to express their concern and complaint. If you have a concern or complaint with us you may:

External Complaints Resolution (CIO)

VDAFinance is a member of CIO (Credit & Investments Ombudsman); clients are free to make enquiries with CIO to addresses any grievances they may have. Complaints can be lodged with CIO electronically via their website, or in writing to:


Credit & Investments Ombudsman Limited
C/- Case Management Team
P.O. Box A252
Sydney South NSW 1235


Using the Online Complaint Form: http://www.cio.com.au/Make-a-complaint-intro
Website: http://www.cio.com.au
Office Hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm (Sydney time)
Contact Details: Ph: 1800 138 422; Fax: (02) 9273 8440